Activity over the past couple of days

Hello 🙂

From Friday I have been making effort to tidy up my flat.

This occasion I disposed of much paperwork. Recycling effort was/is very good.

I emptied a double cupboard of misc. As a consequence I had much laundry to process.

I removed the cupboard doors and sprayed the interior with cleaning spray. This would give opportunity for me to engage with the cupboard, instead of it being a space to dump a lot of misc and forget about it. It also airs it out too.

I took a piece of wood which was left after doing the laminate flooring beading, cut it to size using my mitre saw and used three cup hooks and screwed them into the cupboard ceiling. I placed the wood along them and now have extra space to hang clothes.

Currently, I need to clean the kitchen. To mop all the floors in the property.

The past couple of weeks I have slept on the floor. On Sunday I visited a local furniture shop & purchased a single bed for £80.

I have no more money.

Last week I made payment for a passport application.

I keep intending to save money, yet have setbacks.

My effort is I charge rechargable batteries, and use a torch and head torch at night. Point the main torch at the ceiling and it creates a uniform light for the room.

I try not to put myself under pressure due to my mental health.

Last week I met my tutor and as we talked, I wrote a number of things like a spidergram to help get things into the open.

We talked about my Advice & Guidance course, assignments outstanding, & avenues for volunteering.

I also focused on my private & home life away from work.

Spoke about my effort with the garden.

Also about my effort to exercise, visiting the park & doing balance beam activity, & walking to the 8th floor of my building.

About wanting to get my passport. That with my previous one, I had not gone anywhere because I was so dedicated to my work.

Having mini breaks is healthy. It gives the chance to view life elsewhere.

My tutor asked what interested me and I told him Earth’s early history.

As a consequence, my Tutor made some enquiries and has set up a meeting between us & a Professor.

I am to research, & produce some questions.

From what I spoke about & wrote, my Tutor made a list & we both have things to do.

One of the items that I have done, was join another borough’s Library network.

I have books, yet limited space. Some are out on a table, the rest are stored in plastic containers.

I miss the company of my friends.

Later today the bed will be delivered. It is a single. I thought that I need to recognise my current situation. That although I had a double bed previously, as part of taking back ownership & having a connection to my dwelling, I needed to respect the space. I reside in a studio flat.

Physical exercise: I will do more.

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