Wednesday, 23rd August 2017

Hello 🙂

Today was all right.

I met my tutor and we talked things out. I used a whiteboard (useful) to list some of what I was talking about.

We then used it as a basis to action plan.

I strained my brain with over doing an activity.

I may need to remove web access on my phone & follow the recommendation of utilising libraries. This would help me get out of the flat, engage with surroundings, conduct calm exercise by walking, structure my web activity better.

The DVD Rio Bravo arrived today. Second hand, yet is viewing gold. Stars John Wayne, Dean Martin & Ricky Martin.

I need to draft write a letter.

Something has dawned on me, fizzy soda drinks, would the carbonated water quality vary due to country of production? Or is there a process the water they use goes through, before being bottled?

I did not do balance beam or walk to 8th floor.

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