Monday, 21st August 2017

Good morning 🙂

Wet start to the day.

Stepping along the balance beam is postponed.

I woke from a dream where everything made sense, yet I forgot this dream. Why? One of my neighbours was talking / shouting nonsense outside the back in the garden. This distracted me. What do I do, go out and tell them to be quiet, to respect the time & have thoughtful consideration for those still sleeping? That neighbour is not well. I kept my peace. If it dragged on, I would of said something.

So I lost the lesson of a dream.. it may visit me again, who knows.

2.05pm: back from small shopping. What is happening? I have the same load of clothes in the washing machine from two days ago. I rewash them. Need to ensure I get them out the machine & on the clothes line.

My living space is messy. I will tidy up after writing this.

Sleeping on the floor has helped my posture. It has also helped strengthen my legs. I reminded myself of how children get themselves off the floor and also how they go about moving and lifting things. Somewhere along the line we forget lessons like that and strain our body.

I am not sure if the rain will be a regular occurrence now. I need to sieve the garden soil & dig in the manure this week. I will read my clues book and see if I can learn to tell what the weather will be like for the day, without BBC weather.

Going to hang out the clothes now and then tidy up.

4.55pm: Yesterday I decided to view one of youtube music videos. It has 2 million views. And was riddled with nigga this and nigga that. Person singing wearing a lot of jewellery and showing lots of money, gambling in a big house.

Making money off of impressionable people, rotting their brains.

There is a section of people that kid themselves, get caught up in doing bad things and fake front. Bring heartache to family and friends and then blame society for it.

Empathy, putting yourself in another persons shoes or life. I tell you what, when we dream sometimes we do that. Yet who we are as a person shines through. What makes me Kevin. What makes you, you.

If someone says they never had good role models, point them to books and real peoples biographies. If their life is stifled, encourage them to attend coffee mornings. Two people can witness the same thing yet their interpretation of it can vary greatly. Talk things out. Everyone is at different stages in understanding about life and what they rely on to cope.

If after numerous tries you find the person is in denial about areas in their life. You take a decision to stay with them or let them go. In my case I had to let someone go because they caused me continued bouts of pain.

I withdrew myself from a situation out of respect and also out of not wanting to be caught up in the middle of two parties, where I value them both. They will learn to get on.

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