Saturday, 19th August 2017

9.36am: Hello :), I am back from stepping along the balance beam. I added an additional move to walking along the short apparatus.

Sometimes I lack confidence & also have social anxiety. This is natural. When people were sat near the balance beam earlier in the week, it put me off using it. I walked along a low wall instead. When someone was sat eating their lunch near the balance beam on another occasion, I said I am never going to get this done if I keep letting situations like this put me off. I stuck with it and used the balance beam.

Today my legs did not ache as much.

I used a twig to put on the ground next to the lamp post in the direction of the shadow, to mark the hour of 9am. I also stood in the shadows path, facing the sun so I knew what the scenery was like for 9am.

I went to Tesco & bought Yeo Valley honey pot. Before leaving my home I ate some strawberries.

Will have some melon later.

I am not sure if I should walk to the 8th floor today or climb the stairs tomorrow.

In the early hours I took a book from my tote. The Oxford Dictionary of World religions. I will read it each day.

I need a shower.

Continuing from another post, do what you can to avoid porn. It is a waste of resources.

12.31pm: Earlier I walked to the 8th floor. Noticed I grew fatigued later in the climb up the steps. I was put off by the smell of someone smoking weed. The smell was blowing about, I did not see the person.

I went to Tesco, and bought own brand diet cola. I poured a cup, had a taste. I pulled a face, and put the cup in the fridge. As I write, I am thinking ‘Emergency use only’. I do not ordinarily buy diet products. The sweetener is Sucrose. I am still pulling a face now and again, even now.

I need to stick to watermelon.

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