Friday, 18th August 2017

Hello 🙂

Earlier this morning I went and stepped along the balance beam. While walking to the park I looked at the ground. It was moist. I looked at the sun & wondered what could be done to measure its path, on the ground. I looked at a snail snailing 🙂 if nothing was around to make a sundial, I could use the shadow cast by the snail. I looked at the lamp post and figured out that they could be used as a sundial if in the right place.

I stepped along the balance beam a couple of times. After that, I walked along and did a small jump off another piece of apparatus.

I went to Tesco and bought Spinach, Watercress and Rocket salad reduced to 0.89p, Princes Fruit Cocktail 0.85p, and Lemon Green Tea £2.00.

Walking home thinking about God, thinking about how the hood on my hoodie, the shadow looked like a cape over my shoulders.

I have put Lemon Green Tea in cold water & giving it time for the water to draw out the nutrients from the bag.

I ate some of the salad. I will have the Fruit Cocktail for lunch or when next I am hungry.

I walked to the 8th floor. My upper leg and calf muscles were exercised well.

In the early hours I cooked bake beans with two eggs & added some black pepper. I wanted to add salt, yet was put off when I read anti caking agent is mixed in with it.

I spent the majority of the afternoon up to now 7.00pm laying on the floor with my duvet. This was after taking Risperidone antipsychotic. I slept. I woke.

Was thinking about the past.

We have the capacity to learndirect.

Our dreams are important.

I have a headache.

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