I have had a few dedicated bouts of exercise.

My main dedicated exercise started when I had lived with my mother as a late aged teenager.

In present day I am medicated with an antipsychotic which caused life to be a uphill struggle for me.

Taking Psychiatrist recommendation of medication dosage. Which was only reviewed when my body showed signs of tremor. Other symptoms such as lack of initiative, lack of motivation, poor energy levels were attributed to me and my illness more than the medication being the source.

Through time, reading about my condition, being attentive to myself, body feelings and knowing myself, reading about medication effects, I was eager to get off of the medication.

The longest I was medication free was for a year. I still experienced large bouts of memory error defined as deja vu. – In present day I learned Risperidone deactivates 5ht7 receptors. These are linked to memory, learning and circadian rhythm. This accounts for my continued memory disruption and constant sleep awakenings during the night.

I had exercised for 20 minutes in the morning and evening each day. I also walked for an hour each day. This coupled with a focused diet caused me reduce weight to 12 stone. Yet the success was short lived. I quickly regained weight.

Risperidone (antipsychotics) upset the metabolism and energy processing abilities of the body.

Currently I am almost 18 stone in weight.

I look in the bathroom mirrors and view my upper body and see the weight.

In photos when I was slimmer, my ears used to stick out a bit. Now, with the weight, my ears almost disappear at the sides of my head.

9am, Sunday 13tb August 2017 I will restart exercise program.

Will review after 24 weeks.

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