Hello and welcome to my place on the interweb. Here you can read information, and my thoughts about life and what runs through my mind.

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Memorable quotes

I believe a higher power exists and people who have good feelings toward a person or ill feelings will affect themselves as well as that person.

The spirit the comforter presents in many ways.

Experiences that helped me along the way.

Entry 1: I was becoming unwell so much. I would not leave the bed. It was deep version of depression. I did not eat.

In the early hours I tried various self talk to help motivate me to get out of the bed. Yet it was not working.

I logged into Facebook and started writing about my struggle. I only allowed certain people to view the post.

I started thinking about my time at Mosaic Clubhouse. It is a Mental Health charity that helps support people diagnosed and having enduring long term mental ill health.

I thought back to the New Year and having sung a duet with Jonathan. The song was ‘I’m so excited’, by the Pointer Sisters. It was a recent good experience and memory for me. It reflected my effort and not being shy to express myself in front of others.

I started listening to the song and this coupled with the memory, what it meant to me was strong enough to shift me. To get me to escape my bed and make a vegetable based soup. I was stronger after this.

The depression eased off. Eating vegetable food was important for energy.